Thomas J Salzano: List of Different Skiing Events at the Winter Olympics

“Skiing is a part of winter Olympics, they fall under 5 primary categories giving more opportunities to participate,” says Thomas J Salzano a professional skier. The upcoming Olympics winter game is scheduled for 2022 in Beijing with approximately 3,000 athletes competing in 109 events, including skiing.

There are different skiing competitions that you will see in the winter games especially when it comes to skiing.

As shared in previous blogs by Thomas J Salzano, the freestyle skiing competition has 4 important events i.e. ski cross, ski slopestyle, moguls, half-pipe, and aerials that are popular.

  • Cross-country Skiing is a lengthy competition that goes on for like 15 days. This is the oldest form of skiing, and it became a part of the Winter Games in 1924.
  • Next is Freestyle skiing in which the participants have to gather speed before they jump hundreds of feet into the air to perform aerial acrobatics. The freestyle is further divided into 5 events in the Olympics that are:  ski cross, ski slopestyle, moguls, half-pipe, and aerials.
  • Biathlon is a combination of cross-country with rifle shooting. The participants have to race around a set boundary with different obstacles and shoot 5 targets that are set 50 meters away before racing on.
  • In Alpine Skiing the fastest wins, as the sport is all about speed and time. The events are divided into different speed events, like the downhill and super G, slalom and giant slalom, and technical events.
  • Nordic Combined is considered one of the oldest events in the Winter Olympics. It is the combination of cross-country with ski jumping that requires high stamina and technical skills.
Thomas Salzano - Downhill
  • Ski Jumping participants are judged on 3 main parameters that are competitors style, flying and landing. This is what the event is all about.

These are the categories that you can prepare for if you wish to participate in the Winter Olympic games with respect to skiing. Thomas J Salzano says, these events have been popular since the very beginning and with the growing interest in the sports there is a possibility of introducing more events related to skiing in the winter Olympic games.