Thomas J Salzano: The Trending Gadgets and Gear for Skiers

“What famous sports personalities endorse or wear automatically becomes a trend especially for those who are in the same field,” says Thomas J Salzano, a professional skier and a sports blogger.

These days there are a variety of sports gadgets and gear available in the market that are useful for sports enthusiasts for practice and performance. Talking about the winter outdoor sports like skiing then there is a list of new trending gadgets and gears that are available for the skiers that are useful, recommended, affordable and of course stylish.

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Here is a list of some top trending gadgets and gears shared by Thomas J Salzano that the skier can consider trying for a better skiing experience:

  • SunGod Vanguards Ski Goggles: With these goggles, you can enjoy the widescreen view of the mountains
  • Carv Digital Ski Instructor: it’s a virtual coach that helps to improve your technique
  • Maier Sports Podkoren Ski Jacket: it’s a warm, waterproof and well-designed jacket for skier
  • Livall RS1 Smart Helmetphone: it’s a helmet that comes with Bluetooth to keep you in touch
  • Garmin Fenix 6: it’s a smartwatch for fitness tracking
  • Phoozy Apollo II BlackOut Plus: it’s a phone cover to protect your battery charge as it keeps the phone warm
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These are a few trending gadgets and gear for skiers that are available in the market and are best for skiers and snowboarders. Thomas J Salzano feels that every time there is something new in the market, a smart investment in such items should be your goal as a well-recognized skier. This is because there are many who admire you and will plan to buy what you have without any second thought. Keep safety and accessibility the main factors to buy such gadgets and gears.