Thomas J Salzano: Skiing During The Pandemic

The current situation has put a lot of restrictions on travel and related activities, says Thomas J Salzano, a professional skier, and a sports blogger. These days stepping out of our house is challenging due to the constant spread of the covid-19 virus. 


But how long can we stay in? The question as a skier here is that is skiing safe during the pandemic? Are there any rules that restrict the number of skiers or upcoming competitions? 


Let’s take a look at some important points shared by Thomas J Salzano answering the frequently asked questions by the skiers during the pandemic:

  1. Yes, sports like skiing and snowboarding have started but with some restrictions and rules for safety.

  2. The basic rule like wearing a mask, covering your face and maintaining a six feat distance remains the same 

  3. As there are restrictions on travel, especially by flight, it is advisable to stick to local mountains to continue with your practice

  4. Before planning to go skiing, do cross-check with the authorities what they are doing to protect their visitor? Your safety is in your hand so cross-check and be sure of covid-19 precautions taken by the authorities

  5. Avoid standing in lines or in a group. As said before social distancing is a must as the pandemic is not yet over. Maintain social distancing and avoid the crowd

  6. Do not lend or take snowsuits on rent during the pandemic. Having your own snowsuit and skiing kit is highly recommended

  7. Opt for skiing outside and avoid indoor skiing during the pandemic

  8. Register for vaccination, as many resorts will not allow you to enter without the first dose of the vaccination.


These are some important precautionary measures and answer to your frequently asked questions about skiing during the pandemic. Thomas J Salzano says it will take time for things to get better, but we can not stop living. So make sure you take all the precautions to adjust to the current situation and move forward in life with the new norm.

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