Thomas J Salzano: Eight Types of Skiing

Skiing the popular winter sports has given career directions resulting in increasing popularity says Thomas J Salzano a professional skier and a sports blogger. People have found different ways to enjoy the sport under the supervision of experts. The sport has become an adventure for many who indulge in the sport just to experience it once.

Skiing has its type like the alpine, extreme and Nordic. These are the major types in skiing on the basis of which you decide the equipment to choose and the level of preparation.

Looking at the increasing interest of people to explore the sport not as a professional but as a first-time experience, Thomas J Salzano feels it is the right time to share the more valuable information with you all.

Thomas Salzano - Downhill Skiing

Today let’s discuss in detail the type of skiing that your trainer as an adventure sport will give you to choose from depending on the location where you are trying skiing. The professional might be aware of all the types that will be shared below, but this will help the ones who have very little knowledge of the sport but are adventurous enough to try it.


Thomas Salzano - Downhill

This is the most basic type of alpine skiing where the foot is attached to the binding. This is a basic term that you will come across while planning to ski for the first time. Whereas the risk and chance of injuries always stay at a minimum risk rate, considering the precautions and the experts guiding you.

All-Mountain or Backcountry

Thomas Salzano - All-Mountain or Backcountry

Level-up for all-mountain or popularly known as backcountry skiing type. Once you have mastered the groomers you can opt to venture into the backcountry or back bowls of major resorts. These areas often contain the hardest runs with deep powder where you need some technical skills for sure. So prepare well before you opt for the all-mountain ski type.

Heli-Skiing or Cat-skiing

Thomas Salzano - Heli-Skiing or Cat-skiing

To move one step further, in a snowcat, the truck-sized vehicle used to move snow and groom trails. Or to level up your adventure experience you can head further into the wild with a helicopter.

Please note this type of skiing type is for experts only.

Although as per Thomas J Salzano Heli-skiing is the ultimate ski adventure you can have and that you see in professional ski and boarding films.

The reason to add Heli-skiing to the list is that there are many among you who love to watch skiing, and what better than live Heli-skiing.


Thomas Salzano - Freestyle

This type includes any type of tricks or jumps, whether in the park and half-pipe or in the backcountry on natural terrain. This type includes spinning and flipping corkscrew- style through the air.

Again, this type is suitable for only experts as we count the freestyle as the most dangerous type of skiing.

Cross Country

Dear aspiring skier, this type is a must-try for you. Like alpine skiing where you head downhill, in cross-country skiing you ski on relatively flat terrain, mostly in the countryside rather than on a mountain. The skiers use poles to push themselves forward.


Thomas Salzano - Telemarking

For those who are comfortable with alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, the Telemarketing type is again the best option for beginners. This type is a mixture of alpine as well as the cross-country and a little more adventurous as compared to both.

Alpine Touring or Randonee

Thomas Salzano - Alpine Touring or Randonee

It is a style of backcountry skiing that’s at a time called alpine touring where you use special bindings that can switch between fixed-heels and free-heel modes.

This type of skiing generally involves exploring inaccessible areas of the mountains with no lifts around, and it is only recommended for advanced skiers with a very good fitness level.


Thomas Salzano - hut to hut skiing

For those who are looking for some adventure in terms of travelling and trying some adventurous sports, this type is for you. As per the Hut-to-Hut skiing style of travelling on foot to a new location each night, staying in hotels or huts, small inns and mountain lodges are often referred to as huts.

These are some of the types that an aspiring skier or one who is willing to try skiing for the first time for adventure and experience should know. As per Thomas J Salzano, skiing is a must-try winter sport, for those who love adventure and adventurous sports.