Thomas J Salzano: Health Benefits From Downhill Skiing

From being recognized as a sport for men, to an adventurous sport for everyone Skilling has become a popular international sport, says Thomas J Salzano a renowned skier. With the gaining popularity, the correct information with respect to skiing like the health benefits and the level of risk involved is also published by experts all over the internet.

When it comes to health benefits no sport is behind, as sports like skiing require both physical as well as mental balance. Experts say that downhill skiing when performed on a regular basis can contribute to healthy aging.

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Let’s read more about “ Health Benefits of Downhill Skiing”  shared by Thomas J Salzano a professional skier and a sports blogger: 

Metabolic Considerations and Cardiopulmonary

Downhill skiing means the isometric interval and primarily eccentric exercise evoking similar cardiopulmonary responses. The high use of muscle power in downhill skiing, as muscle power is primarily generated by isometric and eccentric contractions.

Downhill skiing can also contribute to a higher level of leisure-time activities which generally is associated with a healthier lifestyle. It evokes comparable metabolic and cardiorespiratory adaptations and other health benefits as a part of fitness training. 

Neurophysiological Aspects

Downhill skiing is typically a fast motion over uneven, rough-surfaced terrain that results in the movement control system being continuously exposed to large scale perturbations and vibrations.

The sport is performed on an inclined surface, downhill skiing thus requires specific postural control skills. 

Psychological Aspects

As skiing is an outdoor activity it involves interaction with people, exposure to nature, effects of skiing itself, etc, build positive psychological outcomes. The exposition to natural surroundings in the mountains during exercising itself may provide an additional stimulus for stress-recovery and well-being.

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Other Benefits:

1) Improves Flexibility: As an aspiring skier, your trainer will focus more on your flexibility. Regular stretching is a part of your training that improves your body flexibility, that helps to balance while downhill skiing. 

2) Strengthens Lower Body Muscles

In skiing, you are in a constant squat position that puts pressure on your lower body. Your inner and outer thighs, quads, glutes, and hamstrings are put to work making them strong to handle your body weight while skiing downhill. 

3) Burns Calories

Downhill skiing is a great cardiovascular exercise that can help burn some serious calories and weight loss. On the other hand, simple activities involved in skiing like walking up the slope rather than using the ski lift also adds to the physical exercise to burn extra calories.

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There are some simple benefits of downhill skiing but the top benefit will always be the “happiness and satisfaction” you get being engaged in the sport is what, Thomas J Salzano, as a professional skier feels. But remember you need to be regular to enjoy these health benefits, once in a blue moon would not help you ever.