Thomas Salzano – Tips for Nervous Skiers – How to Overcome Your Nervousness

Generally, the beginners or the ones that have just recovered from an injury have the feeling of nervousness in case of skiing, says Thomas N Salzano, a famous skier. As a fact, it becomes a little challenging for the trainer as well as the skier to learn with the feeling of nervousness taking over his/her mind.

Thomas J Salzano best mountain Skier

To overcome your fears that make you feel nervous all you need to do is practice and focus on your goals. For all those who are looking for ways to overcome their nervousness while skiing here is some tips shared by Thomas J Salzano that will be helpful for you:

Practice in snowdome

Let’s start with the basics, which is “practice.” You need to start your journey by taking some baby steps before you head out on the slopes. Start your practice in a friendly environment, and learning in a snowdome is one best alternative. Snowdome allows you to understand the basics, and get comfortable with your skiing equipment and balancing. Even if you have recovered from an injury this method should be preferred to get back in shape. 

Choose the right resort

This tip is especially for the beginners as other skiers will definitely know the importance of choosing the resort. The important point here is that each resort will be perfect for you in terms of intermediate and advanced pistes labeled with colors blue, green, black, and red. For your knowledge take note of the following points that the pistes labeled as blue and green are the easiest, and red and black are more challenging. I hope you know where to start as a beginner now. 

Track Your time and Set achievable Goals

What motivates you to do better? Improvement? Right? The best way to overcome your nervousness is to take note of your time after setting a goal for yourself to be achieved on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Skiing all day is a very tiring way of learning and forcing yourself to perform better. Try other alternatives to boost your stamina like go swimming.

Thomas J Salzano Skier

On the other hand, you need to set goals that you know you can achieve. Just after you achieve your goal you feel motivated and therefore set another goal for yourself. Thomas says to divide your goals into primary and secondary where your primary goal can be to become a skilled skier and primary goals can be flexible based on the time to polish your skills. 

Learn at your own pace and avoid any comparison with others

Sometimes it’s your companion that makes you feel nervous and that okay as that is just human nature. Don’t compare your learning with others, you might need more time than others to learn and don’t just skip your learning to match up with others. This leads to imperfection and the feeling of nervousness starts to develop.

Other ways to overcome nervousness:

  • Practice with others of your own ability.
  • It’s okay to change your instructor if you are not comfortable as at the time your instructor may not be able to give you time that you require.
  • Concentrate on the skiing sensations and focus on exhilarating to keep yourself calm.
Thomas J Salzano Skiing training

These are some simple ways to overcome nervousness while skiing. You need to stay focused and concentrate only and only on your learning. To be better, each day is what you should make your goal say Thomas Salzano as that is the only mantra in life that will help you move forward.