Thomas Salzano: First Day at Skiing

Whenever you start something new there is always one percent of fear of failure that you have at first. This is normal especially when it’s related to sports like skiing where you need to be careful with your safety from the very beginning. Thomas J Salzano a professional ski trainer says “when I meet the aspiring skiers what I notice the most is the level of excitement and passion of learning.”

It’s the first day that decided that will you continue with your training or you would take a step back. Skiing is not an easy sport, it requires strict training and it’s true that it takes time to become an expert in skiing. So you may feel on your first day at skiing that this is not your cup of tea and you may decide to quit. But as a trainer Thomas suggests that if you are trying to learn skiing you need to invest at least a month in training before you make any decision.

Thomas J Salzano Skiing training

What to expect from the first day at Skiing:

Be ready for the instruction session with your instructor. Instruction about the equipment to how to get up after falling is all covered on the first day of training. But even if you follow all the instructions there are many beginners that still feel afraid to start, so to break this fear you should know how to stop one’s self. Pay attention to all the beginning concepts like the ski wedge or pizza.

In brief, the snowplough turn is known as the wedge turn or the pizza slice, is actually a downhill skiing braking and turning technique that is specifically taught to the beginners.

To add on to your expectations here is what you will learn on the first day at Skiing: 

  • About the ski boots as they are the most important piece of equipment for a skier. Comfortable boots with thin long socks are what you must wear.
  • How to walk on the snow especially while carrying equipment will be a part of the first-day lesson.
  • Another lesson will be how to carry skis.

The precautions during skiing, as a fact approximately 75 percent of injuries to skiers occur either by falling down or losing control during a jump. Whereas 5 percent of injuries are caused by a collision with other skiers or riders.

Preparation instructions for the beginner skiers

  • Before you start skiing training there are some preparations that the beginners have to do on their part:
  • Do proper research and consult your friends and family about the skiing resort and instructor with whom you are planning to start your training sessions.
  • It’s recommended to consult a doctor even if you are not under any medication before you start with your training sessions.
  • For the first few weeks, you can opt for rental equipment as many beginners quit the training sessions as skiing does not suit them.
  • Last but not least, keep your motivation high and don’t give up.
Thomas J Salzano best mountain Skier

The first day at skiing is fun but the deciding day too that will you like to continue with the sport or you find it different from your expectations. Nothing should be forceful so be alert and give your best on your first day to build your confidence and enjoy the sport is what Thomas Salzano advises to all the beginners.