Thomas J Salzano – Skiing Tips for Beginners

To be perfect in a sport like skiing you need to brush up every day. Thomas J Salzano says, even the professional ski instructors take clinics every year to keep improving their skills and learn more technical ones. Thomas J Salzano says if you are willing to learn this sport, you will definitely fall in love with it as for beginners it’s an adventure at first.

Thomas J Salzano is a professionally trained and love skiing. With his experience and his trainer’s guidance, he has some tips for beginners to start skiing and enjoy the sport with safety measures.

Thomas J Salzano skiing tools

Here are some tips by Thomas:

Research the Resorts you want to try

When you decide you want to start learning skiing the first thing is to search for resorts for beginners. Look for friendly areas, with wild and groomed slopes. You will find endless options all you need to do is choose wisely. 

Get a lesson

Thousands of people a year opt for professional ski instructors to learn how to ski. It best to start your training with a professional as the ski is a technical sport with a lot of safety issues. A trainer is a right person to step in within skiing.

Dress Appropriately (Avoid Jeans)

Proper fitting boots are the most important item on the list. The second important thing that you must have is snow pants to keep you warm, a helmet and yes gloves are a must. In skiing, a proper dress is essential especially from a safety point of view.

Start out on the Right Type of Terrain

You as a beginner can not go straight to the double-black diamond runs as you have to learn many skills to reach that level. Green runs are shorter, flatter, groomed and are not that steep so there are fewer factors and obstacles to make your learning difficult. Remember if you want to sharpen your techniques before you head to blue (intermediate) will add to your skills to become a better skier overall.

Thomas J Salzano professional Skier

Don’t look down at your tips

Ski professionals suggest looking about a minimum of ten feet ahead of you at all times. The anxiety as a beginner to look down at the planks attached to your feet is common but should be avoided. It’s a matter of seconds that can cause an injury as looking down will distract you and gain back the focus you need time.

Stay Evenly Balanced Over Your Skis

It’s a difficult task to balance as a beginner, either you lean forward or backward to counterbalance which is a wrong practice. Keep your legs squarely under your torso with your shoulders pointing downhill will allow you to have more control and a strong technique. Advice is to keep your body weight directly over the ski’s narrowest point.

These are a few tips by Thomas Salzano for the beginner to start. He says tips are important and should be considered by learns as you never know one tip can make you plan a better strategy.